Diverge Creations is an independent, platform-agnostic game studio based in the vibrantly sunny (in the summer) and treacherously icey, (in the winter) Okanagan valley in the heart of British Columbia, Canada. We specialize in creating big action, big fun, and edgy gameplay experiences with a not so big development team. We started in 2005 solely creating games for the web using Flash. For a time, working singularly on free web content was good. We won countless awards, won over millions of hearts and minds, and (kind of) made a living. But now the time has come to expand. To branch out. To explore new uncharted territory. Diverge has entered the console and pc world, and we've brought with us our unorthodox approach to game design and development, our rebellious attitude, and our strange hairstyles.

The revolution will not be televised... it will be interactive...

Caulder Bradford
Owner/Technical Director
When not writing the engines that power Diverge games, Caulder is annoying the hell out of his friends and family by standing in front of the TV while they play PS3, obsessively analyzing every single graphic technique and effect used to render the game they're fruitlessly trying to play. When not doing that, he's travelling the globe, playing in a metal band, training in mixed martial arts, and becoming embroiled in conspiracy.

Jonathan Viejou
Senior Environment Artist
A creator of worlds, a master of universes, but mostly just a guy who likes to make kick-ass games. If Jonathan's not making games, he's out on African safaris, kicking tigers in the face and flying fighter-jets with Val Kilmer. Or he would be if he wasn't always making games...

Robert Bertrand
A denizen of military submarines. A writer of rather disturbing short stories. A guy who makes sure the games are fun to play for normal humans, and not just impressive tech-demos.

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