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"Like" Diverge Creations

We now have an official Facebook page for Diverge, and yes we're still alive and well. We're hauling ass on our console/PC title and that's why we don't update this site much. That will change soon.... soon...

When we get to 100 "Likes" we're going to be releasing the first screenshot EVER to the public! Get Likin', kiddies!

Diverge Creations On Facebook

Posted by Caulder on December 27, 2011

Follow Caulder on Twitter

Yes it's trendy.
Yes it's lame.
I want you to follow me,
all the same.


Posted by Caulder on January 28, 2011

"Project Pork" Teaser Trailer

It's still too soon to talk much about our current project. But we can show you this much...

Posted by Caulder on December 4, 2010

Dragons and Comic Con

A dragon laid waste to a local sawmill.

Footage of the disaster

Also I'll be at the San Diego Comic Con this weekend. If you see me wandering around, leave me the hell alone. I'M BUSY TAKING IN THE SIGHTS.

Actually no. Say hi, I'm quite friendly in person.

Posted by Caulder on July 20, 2010

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