Games In Order Of Most Recently Released

Another Small Favor

With his security clearance severely compromised, the assassin heads deep into the blind zone to find a new identity.

A Small Favor

In a distant alien galaxy, where currency has been replaced with trade and favors, guide an assassin on a small favor to eliminate a prominent Senator.

Clubby The Seal: Killing Season

Massacre the Eskibobs in this mini-sequel to Clubby The Seal!


An online multiplayer splatter-fest! Log on and kick butt!

Cereus Peashy

A long and bloody adventure...

Bat Outta Hell!

Take control of a demon vampire bat from hell!

Viviparous Dumpling

Protect the Dumpling fetuses at all costs, by dragging and throwing them with your mouse!!

Weltling Dressup

You've helped the Carious Weltling claim his destiny, now dress him up as a ton of different movie characters!

Carious Weltling II

The sequel to the first smash-hit "Badlands" game!

Clubby The Seal

"Clubby The Seal" is on a mission of mindless mayhem and revenge!

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